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About the Purple & Gold Student-Athlete Alumni Challenge:

The Western Illinois University Leatherneck Club announces the First Annual Purple and Gold Student-Athlete Alumni Challenge. The P & G Challenge was initiated to re-involve former student-athletes into our programs, connecting the past and the present. The Challenge design is for each team to compete against each other to determine which program can earn the most points by May 1st, 2013.  The top three teams with most points receive a cash increase into their Leatherneck Club Foundation account. The cash prizes were given by an anonymous donor to support this competition.


Primary Goal: Re-connect our alums with today’s student-athletes and sport programs. We’re failing in that aspect and we want you—our student-athlete alums—to re-join the Western Illinois athletics’ family.

Secondary Goal: An increase of overall participation by former Western Illinois student-athletes in the Leatherneck Club from 2% to 8%, or roughly increasing membership from 105 current members to 312 members.

What matters: Re-connection and participation. We have not connected with our former student-athletes consistently.

Why now? Because it’s time.


How the Challenge works:

To be equitable, the teams with the highest increase in participation win.

Points are earned in two ways:  

1.  The percentage of alumni giving FOR EACH SPORT PROGRAM will be multiplied by 1000. Example: 50 men's soccer alums make a gift of $10 or more. Men's soccer has 300 total student-athlete alums. Points would be calculated as 50 ÷ 300=.1667. .1667 x1000 = 166 points.

2. On-line Registrants: an additional three points can be earned for each gift made online by a student-athlete alums between now and November 10, 2013.

To qualify for the Purple & Gold Challenge, a former student-athlete must make a gift of $10 or more by May 1, 2013.

Support your team and make a gift today!  If you have already made a gift, please reach out to your former teammates and encourage them to join as well. 


Giving information:
To make a gift online: click here to join now!
To make a gift by phone: 309-298-2602
To make a gift by mail: Check payable toThe Leatherneck Club, 1 University Circle, Western Hall 204, Macomb, IL 61455

as of 4/17/13

Sport  New Members via Challenge Challenge Pts
Swimming 20 77
Women's Golf
4 111
Men's Tennis
3 24
Baseball 12 27
Volleyball 5 31
Men's Golf
3 19
Men's Soccer
6 19
Women's Soccer
1 11
Women's Tennis 1 9
Football 8 8
Women's Basketball 2 11
Cross Country/Track & Field
6 5
Men's Basketball
3 12
Softball 1 5

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  Follow the action on twitter:@PandGChallenge
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