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2011-12 Men's Basketball Reunion Pre-Game Social Photo Album



Welcome! Thanks for joining us!

The Leatherneck Club is the fund-raising organization for the Western Illinois University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and is part of the WIU Foundation. The Leatherneck Club aids Western Illinois University in its commitment to excellence, both on and off the athletic fields.

Annual financial support by alumni and friends provides the funds necessary to help defray the costs of scholarships, equipment, travel, food and lodging, and other essential aspects of a broad-based intercollegiate program. When you make your investment in WIU's continuing athletic success, you become a member of the team in more than spirit. Your support becomes the life-blood of our athletic program. The players and coaches depend on the people in the stands for their cheering in much the same way our total program depends upon our loyal contributors for their annual giving.

Membership in the Leatherneck Club is open to Western Illinois University alumni and friends of the University - both individual and corporate. By joining, you provide annual charitable contributions that are primarily used to fund scholarships for student-athletes. Your gifts are also used to fund specific program needs determined by the director of athletics.

The most important benefit you receive as a result of membership is the personal satisfaction that comes from participation in the program. Imagine the pride involved in knowing your gift made an academic career possible for a gifted young athlete.

Beyond the personal pleasure of giving, your gift also may bring tax advantages. You may be able to deduct from your income tax return the amount of your contribution that exceeds the value of courtesies we extend to you as a member. Of course, you should consult your personal tax adviser to determine your specific advantages.

To thank members for their support of the athletic program, the Leatherneck Club extends certain courtesies at each level of giving. Membership levels begin at as little as $1, though member benefits increase as pledges or commitments increase. As a visible segment within the university community, Western Illinois University Intercollegiate Athletic programs benefit the entire university. Western athletes exemplify the commitment to quality in both academics and athletics. These outstanding men and women who represent Western athletics each year are also gaining a distinguished education while continuing a tradition. We hope you will help keep the long tradition of excellence alive.

The Future Is Now

Western Illinois University is committed to providing the premier undergraduate education among all public institutions in Illinois, and in selected disciplines, far beyond Illinois' borders. Our institution's goal of attaining premier status applies to all areas of university life, including our athletics program.

Recognizing that state resources in support of our mission are limited, securing private contributions is the key to meeting this commitment. The response from alumni, faculty, staff and friends who have contributed their time and resources to improve Western's educational, cultural, and athletic climate has illustrated a strong belief in the vision of this university.

We are determined to realize our vision, and our success depends upon the continued loyalty a commitment of our alumni and friends.